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For the sake of reference in support of Facebook, users in the US to buy VR-helmets for $ 299

By Andra Smith
Published in How To
August 20, 2021
1 min read

The fact that the official Facebook support works very poorly. Users wait for answers for days or even weeks. And some do not receive answers at all.

And in cases where the user wants to restore his hacked page, which contains a large amount of confidential information, such a long wait becomes critical.

In this regard, some users have found a clever way out of the situation. They order the $ 299 Oculus VR headset, which has its own and faster support.

Then they contact support with their problem. After regaining access to the account or receiving an answer to his question, the buyer makes a return of the product that has not yet been unpacked.


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Andra Smith

Andra Smith

Creative Designer

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