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Hidden Chrome gestures on iPhone

How To
How To Chrome

Chrome is a great alternative to Safari. By setting it as the default browser, you can use gestures that will allow you to surf the Internet more efficiently.

Swipe from the top down

When you swipe down from the top of the page, the page will refresh by default.

You can swipe right without lifting your finger to close the tab. Left - create a new one. The gesture looks like an inverted "G".

Swipe across the address bar

You can switch between tabs not only using the corresponding button, but also by swiping in the address bar.

Swipe left to switch to the next tab. Right-to the previous one.

Swipes can be long enough to "flip" pages.

Quick search

A long tap on the " + " button will bring up a menu where you can make :
- Search by text from the clipboard.
— Voice search.
— New search.
— Search by scanning the QR code.

Forward and backward gestures

Swipe across the page as if you were flipping through a book. Swipe right-back. Left - forward.

Full-screen video

Pinch out on the video to expand it to full screen. Inside-collapse.