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How to check a suspicious program using the Sandbox in Windows 10?

OS Windows

if you want to install a program, but are not sure about its security, use the following instructions.

1. Launch the "control panel".
2. Open the "Programs and features" section.
3. Click "Turn Windows components on or off".
4. Select "Sandbox Windows" and click "OK".
5. Restart your computer, then the "Windows Sandbox"app will appear in the menu.
6. to test the program, copy the program file from the main host system and paste it into the "Windows Sandbox" window.
7. Install and run the application in a "Sandbox" and use it in normal mode.

Even if there are viruses, they will not be able to get into the computer itself. And when you close the program, the file will be erased, so that the next time you open the "Sandbox" will be clean.