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How to convert multiple images to WebP

By Vitus White
Published in How To
April 15, 2022
1 min read

Converting images to the WebP format is easy by using cwebp command line tool from Google.

This tool converts JPG, PNG, and TIFF images to WebP.

Setup Process: (Windows)

Step 1: Download cwebp tool from this page.


Step 2: Unzip the downloaded file then jump straight to C drive and create a new directory (ex: Dev Tools).


Copy this path.

Step 3: Search Environment variables.


Step 4: System properties window quickly pop up there navigate Advanced tab -> Environment variables…


Step 5: Under Environment variables, Path -> Edit -> New.


Step 6: Paste the address we had copied here.


Then click OK multiple times and close all open windows.

Step 7: Open your image directory and type cmd on the address bar and hit enter.


Step 8: Type cwebp command and hit enter.


If you see something similar screen then you have successfully set up cwebp tool in your computer.

Step 9: The tool takes a single image as input and the file name of the converted image as output, for example:

cwebp myimage.jpg -o myimage.webp


The default compression level is 75. If you want to manually control the compression level then use following command:

cwebp -q 80 myimage.jpg -o myimage.webp

On the above command, the quality compression factor is 80.

However, running the cwebp command one image at a time like this would take a long time to convert many images. If you need to do this, you can use a script instead.

`for file in images/*; do cwebp -q 75 "$file" -o "${file%.*}.webp"; done`

This script converts, at a quality of 75, all the files in the images/ directory, and saves them as a new file (same filename, but with a .webp file extension) in the same directory.


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