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How to disable Bing in the Windows 10

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How To Bing

Windows 10 sends everything you search in the start menu to its servers to get Bing search results.

So make sure you don't enter anything personal in the search box. Otherwise, you can simply disable Bing integration:

1. Click "Win + R".
2. enter "regedit" and click OK.
3. Go to:
4. click the RMB on an empty space.
5. Select "Create -> DWORD parameter (32 bits)".
6. In the name field, enter:
7. Double-click on the created file.
8. Set the value to "1".
9. click "OK".
10. Restart your PC.

Done. Integration with Bing is disabled. If you need to return everything as it was, then go back to the same path. Delete the created file or change the parameter value to "0".