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How to download an .apk file directly from the Google Play Store

By Andra Smith
Published in How To
May 18, 2022
1 min read

Sometimes you may need to download an apk file of an Android app to your computer instead of just clicking the “Install” button in the app store (for example, to install it in an Android emulator).

We recently wrote about a service that helps extract apk files from apps already installed on your device. But what to do if you need an apk-file from Google Play Market itself?

APK Downloader is a service that will be able to extract the apk file directly from the app store. To do this, simply copy the link to the desired apk in the Google Play market and paste it into the field on the site.

Once the file is generated, you will be able to download it to your computer and use it for personal purposes. It should be noted that the service will only work with applications available for free download.


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Andra Smith

Andra Smith

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