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How to enable Google Photos sync feature only on a charge?

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If you are a fan of taking photos and shooting videos, then the process of syncing the footage will be very difficult for your device.

In older versions of Google Photos, there was a function to sync media files only when the device is connected to charging.

In recent versions, the developers have removed the function. However, if you are the owner of the root-rights, you can return it:

1. Install  file explorer that can work with root.
2. Go to the app settings.
3. Activate the "Show root partition" / "Show root storage" function.
4. Open the "Root" section.
5. Go to "/data/data/".
6. Open the "photos.backup.backup_prefs. xm" using a text editor.
7. Write "charging" in the search.
8. Set the value" true " for the parameter.
9. Stop the Google Photos app and launch it.