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How to enable the accessibility menu on Android?

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Accessibility Menu-a feature aimed at making it easier for people with disabilities to use the phone.

Although the function is intended for a special category of people, a healthy person can also activate the function and simplify the management of the phone in everyday life.

To activate the feature, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Menu. Activate the menu by switching the slider.

If you have on-screen control buttons, then a person icon will appear at the bottom right. If you click on it, this menu will appear.

If you have gestures from Android 10, then to open the menu you will need to swipe up with two fingers from the navigation bar.

In this menu, you can:
- Control the brightness and volume.
- Go to the "Power" menu.
- Take a screenshot.
- Lock the screen.
- Go to the recent offers menu.
- Call an assistant, etc.

The name, location, and general availability of this menu depends on the firmware of the device. We have shown the example of AOSP 10.