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How to install Digital Wellbeing on any smartphone?

Digital Wellbeing is an app developed for Google Pixel. In it, you can view statistics on the use of your smartphone.

For example: the number of notifications, unlocks, and hours spent in apps. Statistics are reset every 00:00.

To install this app on a non Pixel smartphone:
1. Install Digital Wellbeing.
2. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Special Access -> Access to Usage Data -> Digital Wellbeing.
3. Allow access to the usage history.
4. Install Pixel Shortcuts
5. Open the app and activate the icon for "Digital Wellbeing".
6. Now go to the menu and launch "Digital Wellbeing".
7. Activate "Show icon in app list".
8. Remove The Pixel Shortcuts.

Done. The "Digital Wellbeing" app will work exactly like on Pixel devices. The only difference is that you can't set time limits on the app.