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How to listen to music for free on Spotify without ads

By Vitus White
Published in Apps & Software
July 13, 2021
1 min read

Everyone loves freebies. Of course, you can pay for a subscription and live without problems. And this is probably the right, eco-friendly and reasonable choice. But there are different things in life, and we are all different.

Someone likes and can pay for the service, and someone refuses to do it on principle.So, advertising audio tracks and banners on Spotify can be blocked using this script, it is suitable for the Spotify application on a PC. Detailed instructions on how to do this are available here. You will need to tinker a little with the command line and even get into the code a little to enjoy beautiful selections from Spotify without ads.You can also bypass advertising simply by using browser extensions. For Chrome, there is a SpotiAds extension for this. Some ad blockers can still bypass ads. For example, uBlock Origin. And for the idea for the post, thank you to Alexey :)


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Vitus White

Vitus White

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