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How to post a photo to Instagram from your computer

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Instagram has always been more focused on mobile devices, thus forcing people to download the app to use the service to the fullest. Yes, you can view posts, scroll through the feed and put likes, but you will not be able to publish photos from your computer. But this problem is solved very easily, and we will now show you how.

To start, log in to your account using Google Chrome, and then right-click - > "Page Code".

There you will need to click on the icon with the smartphone (as in the screenshot), and then, from the top, select the desired smartphone model. After the page is updated, social. the network will open in the mobile version, where there will be a button for publishing photos.

A similar result can be achieved by installing the User-Agent Switcher extension for Chrome. It changes the user-agent of your browser, making sites think that you opened Instagram from your chosen mobile device, and not from your computer.