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How to send self-destructing files on Telegram?

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Telegram is considered a reliable messenger. It has a function thanks to which, as soon as the interlocutor sees the sent messages, they will be deleted.

To send such a message, you need to go to the dialog with the person to whom you want to send a photo or video, then:

On Android:
1. Click the paper clips icon.
2. Click "file preview".
3. In the lower menu, select the "stopwatch" icon.
4. Set the deletion time from 1 second to 1 minute.

On iOS:
1. Go to "preview".
2. Hold down the "Send" button.
3. In the menu that appears, select "Set timer".

After receiving such a file, the interlocutor will receive an alert. When opened, the recipient will have the amount of time you set to view the file.

If one of the interlocutors takes a screenshot of a hidden message, the second one will display a corresponding notification.

Note: This feature has been working in the Telegram app since version 4.2.