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How to use Nearby Share on Android?

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Nearby Share is Google's AirDrop analog developed for all Android devices with version 6 or higher.

You can transfer any files from one device to another using a wireless connection.

Nearby Share uses mobile Internet, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct and WiFi Hotspot.

Activate Nearby Share:

Open "Settings -> Google -> Device Connections -> Nearby Share" and activate the feature.

In data transfer modes, we recommend setting "No Internet". Files will be transferred faster and without Internet consumption.

How to send files:
1. open the file manager, select the file and click "Send".
2. In the menu that appears, select "Nearby Share".
3. 3. Select the recipient.

How to receive files:
To become a recipient, turn on WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and keep your device unlocked.

You will automatically become the recipient and your device will appear to the sender.

For convenience, you can bring the Nearby Share icon into the Quick Settings panel in the Android Bar.

Note: Settings names and locations may vary depending on the firmware. We showed it using LineageOS 17.1 as an example.