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IT Digest #1

Web App
Web App IT Digest

Web development

•  Think in the Jamstack paradigm
•  HTML and CSS are still not about drawing with code
•  What's new in DevTools (Chrome 89)





•  Understanding the Clip Path in CSS
•  How does CSS work?
•  CSS scope using the Shadow DOM
•  CSS Clamp (): the responsive combination we've all been waiting for
•  New in Chrome 88: aspect-ratio
•  Use the CSS Clamp to create more flexible wrapper
•  How to play and pause CSS animations using custom properties CSS
 Units - Part 1: Look At These Absolute Units!


•  An introduction to the JavaScript Temporal API
•  Long-term support for JavaScript applications
•  The JavaScript landscape in 2021
•  An explanation of memory management in JavaScript







•  Privacy and security updates in Microsoft Edge 88
•  In Safari 14 added support for WebExtensions. So where are the extensions?
•  Comparison of privacy browsers

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