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IT Digest #2

Web App
Web App IT Digest


•  Interview with Nikita Dubko from Yandex: current front-end developer skills

Web development

•  Components: Server-Side vs. Client-Side
•  Best Practices for Managing and Keeping Secrets in Front-End Development
•  Why You Should Use Picture Tag instead of Img
•  Web Platform Hidden Gems - Battery Status API
•  Sidebar Creation
•  Creative Inspirational Websites Roundup # 22




•  New CSS aspect-ratio property, supported in Chromium, Safari Technology Preview and Firefox Nightly.
•  How to select elements that are not children of other elements in CSS
•  5 fun games to learn CSS concepts
•  Time to say goodbye to pixel units
•  Minimum content size in CSS Grid
•  Animation for CSS Gradient Border
•  Form validation: you need: not ( : focus): invalid, not: invalid
•  Toggle dark / light mode with preference definition in 15 lines of CSS


•  10 bad TypeScript habits that should be abandoned this year
•  Should JavaScript code be compiled?
•  Fetch vs Axios: Which library is the best for making HTTP requests?






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