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Life hacks for text selection in Microsoft Word

How To
How To Microsoft

1. If you want to select the text vertically, move the cursor with the ALT key held down.

2. To highlight a sentence, press CTRL + LMB (left mouse button) anywhere in the sentence-word will automatically detect the beginning and end of the sentence.

3. Use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + F5 to quickly return to the place where the cursor is placed. 

4. To select all the text in Word. Click anywhere with the mouse cursor, then press Ctrl + A.

5. Select a paragraph in the text. Place the mouse pointer at the beginning of the paragraph, then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + ↓ (down arrow).

Note: Depending on the version of the program and the license(official, hacked), the operation of the keyboard shortcuts may differ.