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Malwarebytes warns Mac threats are growing

By Tom Grant
Published in OS
March 25, 2020
1 min read
Malwarebytes warns Mac threats are growing

It has long been known that the once-popular statement here are no viruses for the Mac is far from the truth, and attackers regularly attack Apple device users. An additional confirmation of this was the recent Malwarebytes report , in which experts analyzed cyber attacks aimed at their customers over the past year, and concluded that attacks on Mac users were significantly more frequent and the total number of threats to the Mac increased more than last year by 400%.

Researchers write that in 2019, the average number of threat detections per Mac device was 11 (compared with an average of 4.8 in 2018). That is, in fact, the number of attacks on Mac users has more than doubled. Interestingly, in 2019 the number of threat detections on the Mac was even higher than the same indicator for Windows: for the year, an average of 5.8 detections per Windows machine took place.

At the same time, Malwarebytes experts note that Mac-oriented threats are significantly different from those intended for systems running Windows. For example, while the most common threats for Mac users are adware and other potentially unwanted programs. However, experts believe that this may change soon, and criminals will launch more destructive attacks on Apple systems.

Although these threats cannot be considered as dangerous as traditional malware, they are becoming an increasingly serious and visible obstacle for Mac users who can no longer claim that their favorite systems are protected from malware, the researchers write.


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