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Microsoft fixes NTFS corruption issue (FIX)

OS Windows

In January 2021, users and also the media noticed that an uncorrected zero-day bug in Windows 10 (and older versions of the OS, including Windows XP) allows you to wreck the structure of the NTFS classification system with a single-line command. the matter was discovered last year by the IB researcher Jonas Lykkegaard. In August and October 2020, he already tried to draw attention to the present bug, but only succeeded in 2021.

You can trigger a bug and cause NTFS corruption by simply trying to access the NTFS $i30 attribute in an exceedingly certain way. Below you'll be able to see an example of such a dangerous one-line command. We warn you: don't check the operation of the bug on your own running system, it's better to use a virtual machine for this!

 The exploit for this problem are often hidden inside a shortcut file, ZIP archive, batch files, and so on, and such files caused instant damage to the filing system structure.

Although Microsoft engineers explained that the disk isn't actually damaged, and chkdsk will successfully fix the matter, some users reported that they'd chkdsk failed, and Windows 10 still refused in addition.

A fix for this bug was imagined to appear in February, but it didn't. Then Mozilla developers added a special check to Firefox 85.0.1 to forestall access to the matter path, and OSR specialists prepared an unofficial open source patch for this error.

Now, a fix has finally been added to the Windows 10 21322 insider build that forestalls access to the problematic path. If you are trying to run the above command, the system will respond with "Invalid directory name" and can now not mark the disk as corrupted.

But, unfortunately, thus far the patch has only hit Windows 10 Insider "Dev", but not Windows 10 21H1" Beta", which is due out this spring.