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MOZILLA develop new blocktracker for facebook, twitter and whatsapp

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It is expected that the new functionality will appear in the version of Firefox 70.

Mozilla will add to Firefox a new feature to protect against social network trackers. The feature is under development and will be included in the version of Firefox 70, scheduled for release in October 2019.

As reported on the Bugzilla website, the protection function from social network trackers will be placed in a separate category, Social Media trackers. The feature will be enabled by default in the settings of the standard level of protection, but Firefox will not forcibly block all the trackers that could violate the functionality of the site.

The function will block trackers on domains associated with the following social sites or services: Facebook, Occulus, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, TweetDeck, LinkedIn and YouTube. Users will be able to view blocked trackers in the Social media trackers section of the Tracking Protection Panel.

Previously, SecurityLab reported that Facebook embeds hidden codes in downloadable photos and tracks activity related to them.