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PhoneHub on Chrome

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Google is working on a Phone Hub for Chrome OS. This is the equivalent of Your Phone  from Microsoft. With the Phone Hub, you can manage your device, receive notifications, etc.

Phone Hub can be activated in Chrome browser 89 versions of any release: Dev, Canary, Beta. To do this, on a Chromebook:

1. Open the browser and go to: chrome://flags#enable-phone-hub
2. Set the parameter to "Enable".
3. Restart the browser.
4. Click on the clock in the Chrome OS panel.
5. Go to Settings - > "Connected Devices".
6. Click " Configure "on" Android device".
7. Follow these instructions to connect your phone.
8. Go back to the "Connected Devices" menu.
9. Make sure that "Phone Hub" is enabled.

After these actions, the phone icon will appear in the Chrome OS panel. This is the Phone Hub. The feature shows the last two Chrome tabs on the device and allows you to control the access point and sound mode.

Note: The Phone Hub is in the testing phase. Crashes are possible.