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Many people send recurring emails every few days, like weekly project status updates or payment reminders. Gmail allows you to turn these into templates so you don’t have to retype them every time.

You can only create and add templates on the Gmail website, though. First, you have to enable this feature in the Settings menu. Click the Gear icon at the top right, and then click See All Settings > Advanced. In the “Templates” section, select the radio button next to “Enable.”

To save a new template, return to your Inbox and click the plus sign (+) on the left to compose a new email. Type the text and subject you normally use for your recurring email. Leave the “Recipients” field blank if you don’t send these emails to the same people every time.

When your draft is complete, click the three dots at the bottom right. Click Templates > Save Draft As Template, and then select “Save as New Template.” Type a name for your template, and then click “Save.”

The next time you need to send your recurring email, click the plus sign (+) to compose a new email. Click the three dots at the bottom, hover over “Templates,” and then select your template.