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Top 5 AI crazy clever servecis

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5 crazy neural Network Experiments worth trying

Despite its growing popularity, artificial intelligence remains inaccessible to the general public and is often shrouded in mystery. In an effort to make AI more accessible, developers around the world are creating more and more incredible experiments and opening them up to the general public.

With images, music, books, and more, these websites showcase the creative power of machine learning technology. Today we have collected the most interesting of them:

  • Talk to Books — Enter any phrase or question, and the neural network will scan more than 100,000 books to find different answers from them.
  • AI Duet - Play a duet with the piano. Play some notes, and the AI will respond to your melody.

  • Announcer  - Create your own newscast with an announcer. Insert the text, select the background and speaker, and the artificial intelligence will do the rest for you.

  • Quick, Draw! - Draw primitive objects, and Google will guess what they are! The more drawings the neural network guesses, the smarter it becomes.

  • Gnod - The service will ask you what kind of music, movies, or books you like, and will generate recommendations in response.