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Two children hacked the screen protection of "Linux Mint"

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This was reported by the father of the children with the help of an official report on GitHub . A few weeks ago, he locked the system, called up the screen saver with a password, and opened the on-screen keyboard for the children.

Then he stood and watched. His children simply clicked on the physical and on-screen keyboard. At some point, he saw that the system was unlocked.

My father decided that this was probably a unique case and would not happen again. But it was even more interesting. The children were able to unlock the system a second time.

As a result, lead developer Clement Lefebvre studied the blurry description of the error and came to the conclusion that the problem was in the on-screen keyboard component "libcaribou" and was called when clicking on the "y"symbol.

Thus, the father conducted the so-called "Monkey testing"(Monkey testing) with the help of his children and revealed a serious breach in the OS security system. Fortunately, the bug was fixed in the source code a few days ago.