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Validation JSON in DuckDuckGo

By Andra Smith
Published in How To
August 29, 2021
1 min read
Validation JSON in DuckDuckGo

Currently, text data exchange format JSON is very popular. Especially in a development environment. Therefore, the question of validating and bringing this format to a unified style is very relevant.

The DuckDuckGo search engine can do this out of the box. It is enough to enter the request Json validator and the corresponding form will appear on the main window.

There is a switch for the number of spaces for creating visual levels of nesting, a text input field, validation and clear buttons.

After clicking on the Validate JSON button , a block appears with the words JSON is valid!, and the text in the box takes the selected format. If there is an error in the text, it will be displayed in the same block


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Andra Smith

Andra Smith

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