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WhatsApp will change its privacy settings

By Vitus White
Published in Apps & Software
September 16, 2021
1 min read
WhatsApp will change its privacy settings

A new feature in the privacy settings will be added to WhatsApp messenger: users will be able to select people from whom they want to hide data about the last visit to the profile.

Prior to this change, only 3 configuration options were implemented in the messenger: “All”,“My contacts”, “Nobody”. And if you wanted to hide your data from someone, you had to hide it from all your contacts.

Now you can flexibly configure which specific users will be able to see your data. The following options are now available: “My contacts, except…”, “Share with” so that you can finally enable the last visit feature and disable its display for certain contacts. In the future, this feature will also be available for avatar and profile status.

Sources say that the feature is currently available in beta for iOS, but it is obvious that WhatsApp will introduce it for Android as well.


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