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Windows 10 Insider Build Explorer Gets Linux File Support

By Tom Grant
Published in OS
January 02, 2020
1 min read
Windows 10 Insider Build Explorer Gets Linux File Support

Microsoft is testing embedding the Linux section in the explorer sidebar. If you have the Linux subsystem installed, you can easily access all the files in it.

This innovation appeared in the Windows 10 Insider build 19603. Now it’s more convenient to interact with the Ubuntu shell. For example, you can run Bash and other Linux utilities.

The Linux category with an OS icon appeared on the sidebar of the explorer. Opening it, you will see a list of distributions. You can interact with the Linux file system, as with any other folders on your PC.

For example: create, delete and modify files. In stable builds, a new feature is likely to appear in October or November 2020.


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Tom Grant

Tom Grant

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