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Windows 10 Update, can broke file system and the PC will stop booting

By Tom Grant
Published in OS
January 04, 2020
1 min read
Windows 10 Update, can broke file system and the PC will stop booting

A new critical error has become known in the new cumulative update of the Windows 10 operating system, which can render the PC in a non-working state with an inability to boot. A fresh update numbered KB4592438 became available for the October (October 2020 Update, 20H2) and May (May 2020 Update, 2004) versions of Windows 10 on December 8. It turned out to be quite problematic - users complain about a dramatically increased use of processor resources, delays and freezes, including in games and on YouTube, incompatibility with old games, and suddenly changing the status to read-only folders.

Now it became known that when you run the standard ChkDsk utility to check the drive for file system errors, the computer displays a lue screen of death. Under certain conditions, running the chkdsk command damages the file system on the SSD and the PC stops booting.

Users faced with a problem find a way out, for example, by installing an older version of Windows 10 from a USB flash drive and running ChkDsk again to fix errors on the damaged part of the drive.


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Tom Grant

Tom Grant

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