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Windows 10 will become more stable, the system will change how third-party drivers work

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Drivers are an old Windows problem: Being too old, they can cause instability and "blue screens of death". The newest drivers can also cause problems. And now Microsoft plans to make the system more stable by redesigning how drivers work.

Currently in Windows 10 absolutely all drivers are stored in the folder C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore, that is in the "heart" of the operating system. This is at least unsafe if we're talking about third-party drivers, in addition, it can cause various conflicts and performance problems if there are a lot of drivers.

And in the Windows 10 21H2 update, due out this fall, Microsoft plans to fix this problem. Testers of early builds of the update, which will also be called Sun Valley, found that all third-party drivers are now stored in the C:\Windows\OEMDRIVERS folder, that is, outside the important system folder.

This isolates the system from "foreign" software, while Windows 10 will still verify drivers' digital signatures before placing them in the OEMDRIVERS folder. This separation can also reduce conflicts and even improve performance if you update drivers frequently.