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How to disable all Android smart phone sensors?

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11 now has a feature to disable all device sensors. It is intended for developers to test their applications by simulating a particular situation.

Ordinary users may also need this feature. For example, if your phone has a faulty proximity sensor and the screen turns off when you call, you can probably fix the problem by disabling this sensor.

1. Activate" developer Options " and go to it.
2. Find "developer quick settings Tiles".
3. Activate "Disable sensors".
4. Pull down the notification curtain.
5. Click "Disable sensors".

Feature disables most of its sensors, including cameras, microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, and others. For example, if the built-in camera app tries to access any of these components, it either returns an error or refuses to work.

The function of disabling sensors appeared in Android 10 and is available by default on aosp firmware (naked Android). If you don't have it, then the manufacturer has disabled it. The function may also have a different name and location depending on the firmware.