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Facebook bans Huawei from pre-installing its apps

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The ban is due to restrictions previously imposed by the United States on a Chinese corporation.

Facebook Corporation has banned pre-install their applications (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) on smartphones manufactured by Chinese company Huawei. This was reported by Reuters, citing its sources.

According to the news agency, the owners of the already purchased gadgets will still be able to use the applications and receive updates for them, but the new Huawei smartphones will already be delivered without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This prohibition is related to restrictions previously imposed by the United States on a Chinese corporation. In particular, Huawei is prohibited from purchasing components and software manufactured by American companies.

Earlier, the US corporation Google refused to provide software for Huawei smartphones. Later, the company said that updates for these gadgets will be available for 90 days in accordance with the temporary permission of the US authorities. This license expires in August. The solution applies to all Huawei smartphones, including those not yet delivered to the market.

In addition, the suspension of business relations with Huawei said Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, Broadcom and the British ARM. It also became known about the plans of Microsoft to limit cooperation with a Chinese company.